T ips for determining once a U.S. postcard had been released. Publisher’s numbering scheme .

T ips for determining once a U.S. postcard had been released. Publisher’s numbering scheme .

Resource: a great deal of the items in these standards happened to be excerpted with permission within the Beginner’s Guide to the Hobby of Postcard obtaining, the main city of Lone-star state Postcard pub. Appreciation and also to Chuck Harbert; so to Nina Webber, whoever donated postcards are used for the examples within the page. Published by Todd Ellison, qualified Archivist (previous edited 8/7/2006)

Writer’s numbering program

Pioneer years (1893-1898) even though earth’s very first photograph postcards meeting from the 1860s towards mid-1870s, the vast majority of oldest US visualize postcards extant here are the ones that were offered with the planet Columbian a

“excellent printed cards are produced produced by the photogravure steps. They truly are difficult to identify from real pics but typically don’t have the polished finish of photographs. The Laura Gilpin cards of Mesa Verde and Silverton are great samples of the photogravure steps.” (Origin: Chuck Harbert, email within the author, 8/7/06)

Because of the postage:

One particular technique to estimated when a postcard was shipped if the termination day was unreadable is to be aware of the variations in rate for sending postcards. Below dinner table originates from historic stats of usa: colonial periods to 1970, and Statistical theoretical.

*The postcard rates am improved from 1 dime to 2 dollars as a wartime determine. If globe fight we ended at the conclusion of 1918, the speed is diminished to their pre-War level of one cent. Allmer says (p. 17) that shipping was raised briefly from 1 dollar to 2 cents in 1917-1919 and also in 1925-1928; the conclusive boost to 2 cents was a student in 1951.

**The https://datingmentor.org/escort/grand-rapids/ U.S. payment (rates aboard) over-estimated income specifications in 1974 and got made to minimize shipping speed in 1975.

By the author’s numbering system:

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